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Drake Johnson skate

Crooked grinds, crooks, das pinch, crook, even K-grinds... call them what you will. CCS and Venture Truck team rider Drake Johnson calls 'em like he sees 'em, and here are 3 of his all time favorites.


Kader Sylla - 2019 - Candyland


Danny Renaud - 2005 Ipath Promo


Paul Rodriguez - Every Crook He's Ever Done
(this specific switch crook is from 2003 - Yeah Right)

Make sure to give Drake a follow on Instagram, grab a pair of Ventures, and lock into some classic crooks of your own.
And now we'll leave you with one of our favorite crooked grinds from the man himself: 

Drake Johnson - 2022 - straight to the 'gram
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