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Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of CCS, so about 35 years ago) the skate team has played an integral role at CCS. Our current line up is no exception and we’re proud to say that the skateboarders on this page represent the CCS brand. With that in mind, let's get to know The CCS Team and the gear they're riding.


Louie Lopez

 Louie Lopez CCS

Louie is the child prodigy who made good on all his promise. Sponsored since age 8, he's been dropping quality skate footage since Extremely Sorry back in 2009 when he was just 14 years old. These days his signature shoe (in low and mid forms) is a staple for the Converse Cons skate line, he has his own line of apparel for Volcom, and yet he is somehow still as humble and soft spoken as ever.

Our current favorite Louie video part: Converse Seize The Seconds Rough Cut
Check out the latest from Lou on Insta: @louielopez.


Nora Vasconcellos

Nora Vasconcellos CCS

Nora has been bringing the fun to the CCS team since 2017.
She is not only one of skateboarding's most beloved pro's, but has also been one of the most influential voices in showing skateboarding to a whole new generation of girls and women. Since turning professional for Welcome skateboards and winning the Vans Park Series World Championships in 2017, Nora has inspired everyone with her relatable charm and powerful style. Her gifts have long been noticed by folks all over the skate industry as she has had her own signature Gazelle color way for Adidas skateboarding, as well as signature OJ wheels, Krux trucks, Mob grip... and she basically owns the color lavender.

Our current favorite Nora video: her 2021 Fan Favorite winning Red Bull Solus competition entry
Check in with Nora on Insta: @noravexplora


Jamie Foy

CCS Pro Skater Jamie Foy

In 2017, Jamie Foy went from flow to Am to Pro to Skater of the Year, and he hasn't slowed down since. Despite consistently placing in the top tiers of all competitions he enters (most recently winning Best Trick at Tampa Pro 2021), Jamie is a street skating footage monster. When people talk about next level handrail skating, Jamie is what they are talking about. He currently has both laced and laceless signature shoes with New Balance Numeric, signature bearings with Bronson, the first ever signature line of skateboarding apparel from Dickies, and, of course, a regular crop of Deathwish skateboards being released.

Our current favorite bit of Foy footage: Jamie's recent Sunshine State part for Dickies, which was filmed in two weeks!
Lock in with Jamie on IG: @jamie_foy


Mason Silva

Mason Silva CCS Team

There is usually some controversy surrounding Thrasher's pick for Skater of the Year, but not with Mason Silva. It can be argued that he had one of the best years of skate video releases of anybody ever in 2020; Releasing five full parts for sponsors such as Spitfire, Nike SB, Real (twice), and HUF. Mason is skateboarding's current unstoppable force, and one of the latest additions to the already stacked CCS team.

Our current favorite Mason clip: So many to choose from, but we're still tripping off how he managed to ride away from the unlandable fakie flip in Tampa Pro 2020.
Follow Mason on the gram: @masonsilva


Fabiana Delfino

CCS Rider Fabiana Delfino

Fabiana Delfino's resume boasts some of the most enviable sponsors in the industry, including Vans, Spitfire, and Bones Swiss. After earning a spot on the coveted 2018 Thrasher Am Scramble, her popularity grew as she joined the CCS team in 2019 and turned pro for Santa Cruz. Fabi is known for her aggressive street style (and accompanying brutal slams), transitions skills, devastating body varial sugarcanes, and stoking out everyone she comes across.

Our current favorite part from Fabi: That recent Spitfire jammy to go with her signature wheels.
Follow Fabiana on social media: @fabiana_delfino


Ryan Lay

Ryan Lay CCS Pro

Ryan's on-board talents have earned him a pro model with Welcome Skateboards and Orbs wheels. However, what really elevates Ryan is his unrelenting drive and compassion. He co-founded the Skate After School program to provide skate gear, ramps, and motivation to get youngsters into being active. He raises money through 800 mile endurance hikes and he isn't afraid to speak up for humanitarian causes. He also once filmed a line of 102 consecutive tricks.

Our current favorite Ryan footage: Wellspring: Ryan Lay in Palestine
Check out what exotic locales Ryan is currently skating in: @ryan_lay


Marbie Miller

Marbie Miller CCS

Marbie Miller's creativity on and off her skateboard make her a true treasure on the CCS team. Marbie has overcome broken legs and cold Wisconsin winters to find herself eventually becoming the inaugural pro of the There skateboards brand as well as having her artwork featured on her signature truck and apparel for Krux. Utilizing video-game level trick combinations and a positivity that is infectious, Marbie keep unlocking the next level in skateboarding.

Current Marbie part on repeat: Marbie Got Krux!
Follow Marbie for all the skate action: @marbie.princess


Ducky Kovacs

Zach Ducky Kovacs CCS Skateboarder

Every team needs a wild card, and Kovacs fits the role perfectly. A college graduate with a degree in marketing who spontaneously got his head tattooed. He manhandles some downright outrageous handrails, yet rocks the nickname "Ducky". You've never seen a more unassuming skater do more outlandish stunts in your life. And with sponsors like Vans, Bronson Bearings, and Independent Trucks, Ducky is gonna be floating through your skate feed for years to come.

Favorite morsel from the Duck: Specifically the opening Portland rail backside 50 in his Pro for Pizza part. Goodness.
Quack at Ducky on social media: @duckkovacs


Chandler Burton

CCS Skater Chandler Burton

We'd say that Chandler Burton likes to push limits, but that incorrectly would imply that he even acknowledges that limits exist. Whether it is taking the gnarliest wallies even further with backside 180s out, or being the first skater to be featured in drag in Thrasher with his debut ad for Venture trucks, Chandler elevates the game for everyone and is smiling all the while. And his recently helmed video for Bottom Feeder (released on Thrasher, on VHS, and on pill-shaped USB drive) obliterates the mold even further.

Our current favorite Chandler drop: Bottom Feeder!
Catch up with Chandler if you dare: @big_nakie


Drake Johnson

Drake Johnson CCS

The latest addition to the CCS team is the man with the magic feet, Drake Johnson. Hailing from Ohio and currently living in San Francisco, Drake is  consistently delivering jaw dropping tricks with unbelievable nonchalance. In possession of inconceivable pop (dude skated the 6-up-6-down stage at EMB as a manual pad!!!), Drake also rides for Adidas, Spitfire, and Venture among others, and he's a hell of a photographer.

Our favorite of Drake's recent drops: Flora Ep. 2
Say what's up to Drake on Instagram: @nappyfriedchicken


Aiden Caruth

Aiden Caruth CCS

Don't be thrown off by Aiden's love for massive baggy pants and 10" wide shaped decks; These are no gimmicks. He is a genuine ripper with a deep bag of tricks and a preference to keep his kits and his fits old school. This Eugene, OR local resides in the sweet spot of transition skating, unexpected inverts, and the occasional manual pad tech maneuvers. This eclectic style has landed him sponsors like DC Shoes, Santa Cruz Skateboards, and OJ Wheels.

Aiden's video we're presently bugging out on: His recent clips for CCS apparel
Make friends with Aiden: @_asapaiden__

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