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Converse is a household name, and so is its flagship shoe model, the Chuck Taylors, which are often referred to as just "Chucks." CONS Skateboarding, a division of Converse, specializes in skate shoes and skate clothes. The majority of Converse Skateboard Shoes are heritage Converse styles that have been updated to be more durable and skate friendly. A few examples of CONS Skate shoes that have been pulled from the archives are the CTAS Pro Louie Lopez, the Converse JP Pro Low Shoes, and the Converse One Star Pro.

Typically, if you find a "Pro" after the name of a Converse Skateboarding Shoe, you can expect skate-specific updates such as reinforced upper, cushioned insoles, or added support in one form or another. As CONS Skateboarding grows, so does its team and its inventory. Collaborations with its pros and the teams they ride for are always in the mix allowing Converse to branch out from its traditional athletic apparel roots into the more style-conscious skate apparel industry.

To a lot of people, Converse is not a brand. It’s a noun. It’s sneakers. Period. End of story.

Some people love their Converse so much – Chuck Taylor All Stars and other silhouettes like Pro Leathers, Star Chevrons, and Weapons – that they rarely trust their feet to anything else. For some, it’s Converse – simple, classic, cool, and comfortable – or it’s nothing. And we don’t recommend nothing unless you’re taking a shower.

The more than 100-year-old brand is beloved in America and all over the world. Not just for its canvas and rubber footwear. In addition to hi-tops and low-tops in patterns and solids and every color imaginable, Converse makes kick-ass apparel, accessories and other products for men, women, boys, and girls. Their aesthetic is clean and cool and always classic and when you wear them, you know you’re always in style.