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Founded over 100 years ago, Dickies workwear is synonymous with quality and durability. In the 1990s, as gaps got bigger, handrails longer, and hill bombs steeper, Dickies reputation for ruggedness, along with their tough image, made their pants popular with no-nonsense skateboarders. Skaters also found the labor-inspired considerations of Dickies pants, like flexibility and roominess, were well suited to their needs on board.

Flash forward to the present day and Dickies has fully embraced its relationship to skateboarding with a professional skate team and an official Dickies Skateboarding brand division with products designed by and for skateboarders. The skate apparel features technical innovations that will stand up to the inevitable punishments that skating throws down without compromising on that classic Dickies’ look. Their signature FLEX and Temp-iQ materials can be found throughout both the Men's and Women's lines. FLEX is a technical fabric that provides enhanced fit and mobility. Temp-iQ technology traps cool air inside the yarn, next to your skin, which in turn cools you down and wicks away sweat. With an expanding team featuring heavy hitters like CCS Pro Jamie Foy, Allysha Ye, Tom Knox, and the two Frankies (Villani and Spears), Dickies is putting in the work to cement its legacy in skateboarding every day.