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The weather is starting to heat up, so it’s time to talk about shorts and tank tops. Your best bet for staying cool and comfortable all summer long is having the right gear, and our aim with our 2017 Shorts & Tanks posts is to point you in the right direction. Because with so many styles of shorts and tank tops out there, it's difficult to decide just what you need or want. Hopefully, by breaking down our shorts selection into skate shorts, chilling shorts, hybrid shorts, and boardshorts, and doing the same for tank tops, you’ll have a better idea of what to get for the hot summer days ahead. The first category we’re going to tackle is Skate Shorts. 15534720_371164413248761_995139258148716544_n Some of the most common brands associated with skate style shorts or skate shorts are RVCA, Volcom, Vans, Brixton, Altamont, Dickies, Kr3w, and CCS. RVCA’s Week-End and Weekend Stretch shorts are probably two of its most popular styles. The Week-End’s classic cut and workwear inspired look breaks in well and holds up to abuse, making them an excellent choice for school, skating, work, or maybe even a semi-formal wedding. For a more casual look, check out the RVCA Hex Cutoff Shorts, which feature a raw edge hem for a cut off look. Volcom has long been a go-to for shorts, and you really can’t go wrong with any Volcom style, but for a skate look, we recommend the Volcom Frickin Modern Stretch Shorts or the new Volcom VSM Gritter Shorts.13423091_1748987328647290_1095147422_n Vans, Brixton, Altamont, and Dickies all have a style of shorts that fit into the skate shorts category: the Vans Authentic, the Altamont A/979, Brixton Toil II, and Dickies Twill Work Shorts are all excellent choices. Each stays within a range of classic cuts that have elements inspired by workwear shorts like the Dickies Twill. The main differences in this selection of shorts can be found in the materials used, their length, stretch, and fit. Generally, tho, they’re all excellent choices for skating all day, swimming in the river at sunset, and barbequing/chilling at night. We’d also like to recommend the CCS Chino shorts, which feature a classic cut with a few key differences. The biggest being the price and the stretch built into CCS Chinos. Generally, you’re going to save $15 to $20 and get 3% more stretch. So with CCS, you have room to move and extra cash to put towards a new board, another pair of shorts, or a new tee - it's up to you - the point is, you're going to save money and be comfortable. And that's about it for our short list when it comes to skate shorts.16229197_417776095229802_1137583669586690048_n
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