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Founded in Oceanside, CA, in 2004, Brixton comes from the minds of three friends who wanted to create unique products inspired by their lifestyle. Inspired by music, skateboarding, art, and surfing, Brixton began making vintage-inspired hats, including snapcaps, brimmed hats, and fisherman caps – classic styles that are still best-sellers for Brixton today! Over the years Brixton expanded its product offering to include a range of pants, jackets, flannels, and more, and today manufactures a full line of apparel, headwear, and accessories. With an emphasis on premium materials and quality construction, the clean, classic design of the Brixton collection has a modern yet timeless feel, and each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing our customers quality products they’ll want to hold onto forever.

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The cool thing about Brixton is that it lasts. It lasts because it’s high quality and well-made and they use really durable and comfortable materials. But it also lasts because Brixton isn’t about following trends –or following anyone for that matter. It has a timeless, classic look that means it’s going to get worn and not stay in the back of your closet.

David Stoddard, Jason Young, and Mike Chapin started Brixton a little more than a decade ago. They were inspired by culture, music, and the people around them, and they wanted to create clothes and products that reflected their lifestyles.

Brixton apparel comes in a wide variety of styles that are, at once, modern and traditional. Their pieces are high quality, classic and timeless so you’ll want to wear their apparel, headwear (snap-caps, bucket hats, fedoras and more) and accessories for men and women forever. And, when you’re not wearing them, you’ll keep your Brixton in the front of your closet. Let some other brand go in the back.