Volcom believes the biggest discoveries in your future are those you’ll find in yourself while riding boards of every kind and every shape. Whether you’re wearing Volcom pants such as the popular Frickin Chino Pants, Volcom knows the lessons you’ll learn skateboarding, snowboarding, creating art, or listening to music will stay with you for life. Designing clothes in styles and fits that you feel confident in while you’re on life’s adventures is what Volcom’s all about.

Volcom started designing quality apparel in 1991 for boardriders, musicians, artists, and filmmakers to wear on their path to self-discovery. Volcom t-shirts rely on a laid-back aesthetic that is both authentic and true to its mission of delivering stylish apparel to board riders of every age. Volcom’s ability to continually design quality apparel is simply a byproduct of its attention to skate, surf, and snow culture. Somewhere along the way, however, Volcom button-ups managed to become the go-to collared shirt for skaters and surfers to wear when they weren’t on their boards, making the brand a leader in knits, flannels, and collared shirts as well.

Volcom’s use of innovative materials to help keep surfers comfortable, skateboarders drier, and snowboarders warm is all a result of staying true to living its mission of discovery through riding and creativity. An investment in new boardshort materials, water repellent and insulated snowboard gear, and use of organic cotton and recycled materials are all a result of listening to its riders and constantly anticipating the trends that push the progress of boardsports each and every year.

This ethos of self-discovery through boardsports, art, and music is based off Volcom’s founders, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall’s own experiences. What started as a small clothing line started by two friends after a snowboard trip (If only they had Volcom Snow Gear for the trip!) has now blossomed into the global action sports superpower known as Volcom Inc. The company known for always staying True To This.

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  • Volcom Frickin Modern Chinos
    The Frickin Modern Chino style is the chino that all other chinos look up to - it’s a Volcom legend. Their unique design delivers a ton of stretch without sacrificing shape or durability. Every pair of Frickin Modern Chinos come with pre-laundered for a soft, broken-in feel out of the box. Get ‘em in pants or shorts, because Volcom knows these won’t be your last pair.
    Volcom Frickin Modern Chinos
  • Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening
    Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening
    Volcom’s Holy Stokes! was two years in the making and filmed entirely in 4K ultra high-definition. It was filmed all over the world and showcases Volcom riders such as Louie Lopez, Arto Saari, Collin Provost, Kyle Walker, Rune Glifberg and more. The video dropped in June of 2016 and remains a staple in recent skate video history.
  • Volcom Stone Made Chinos
    Volcom Stone Made Chinos (VSM) were made to be worn and abused. VSM pants use a combination of Nylon 66, an incredibly tough nylon spun yarn extremely resistant to tear and abrasion, and LYCRA T400 Fiber, a multi-component yarn designed to give VSM pants durable stretch and recovery. Also included in the construction are Silver Ions that help to kill odor causing bacteria that cause your pants to stink, and a Coolmax Fiber engineered to keep you cooler, drier, and more comfortable.
    Volcom Stone Made Chinos
  • Volcom’s Surf & Turf Collection
    Volcom’s Surf & Turf Collection
    Volcom’s Surf & Turf Collection refers to their quick drying hybrid shorts, which combine the style, fit, and function of your favorite chinos with the comfort, and water-friendly attributes of your favorite boardshorts. Made with a 4-way stretch material that’s water resistant and quick drying, the Surf & Turf Hybrid Shorts are your go-to for unpredictable days where you’re just as likely to be swimming as you are chilling with friends eating tacos. Volcom’s Surf & Turf shorts can be identified by the ‘SNT’ in the name, like the Volcom SNT Cinco Hybrid Shorts and Volcom Frickin SNT Dry Hybrid Shorts.