Altamont Apparel

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Southern California, sun, skating, and art are just some of the muses for Altamont Apparel and its head designer, professional street skater, and creative visionary Andrew Reynolds.

No matter what you wear from Altamont Apparel, whether it’s one of their classic jackets, woven shirts, T-shirts, denim jeans, pants, or accessories, you’re celebrating the art of skateboarding and a lust for life. Altamont Apparel has collaborated with a number of some of the coolest skaters and artists in the world like Neen Williams, Jon Dickson, Zoe Zag, and Kenny Hoyle to create apparel and accessories that celebrate youth and the unlimited potential of being young.

Altamont clothing, footwear, and accessories, let’s you stand out in a crowd. They’re good for hanging out with your friends, skating, or going on a date. Be comfortable and a little fearless when you’re wearing Altamont Apparel jeans, jackets, shirts or hats because they consistently use high-quality cotton and other fabrics in their products. Details matter and they matter to the designers at Altamont which helps explain the popularity of their denim and jeans line which includes styles with zip flies, button closures, contrast embroidery, and the perfect shades of blue as well as tan, black and grey, and other colors that will look good from morning until night.