Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks

Choosing your first pair of skateboard trucks comes down to what type of skating you’re going to be doing, the width of your board, and what company - if any - you want to support. If it’s your first board and you’re looking to learn how to skate street or vert, our advice would be to go with a quality truck you can afford. The biggest difference between Independent, Thunder, Krux, or CCS Trucks is the price and the look of the set. What you’re paying for with trucks is the materials, the graphic, the pro rider model, and the durability of the trucks.

As someone new to skateboarding, your needs for durability are going to differ from a professional skateboarder. Until you get comfortable grinding and skating gaps, it will be hard for you to feel the differences between trucks, so it’s fine to pick a pair of trucks based off their color or graphic.

Once you decide on a brand or type of trucks, you’re going to want to make sure it will fit the complete skateboard you’re skating. The main thing to make sure of is that the skateboard truck is wide enough for the board you choose. For more on choosing the right size of trucks, check out the Skateboard Trucks Section in our Buyer’s Guide.

As with most things in skateboarding, choosing the right trucks for you is up to personal preference. But figuring out what works best takes time and testing. So, for your first pair of trucks, we’d suggest you start with something that’s both dependable and affordable like CCS Trucks and go from there.

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