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If you’ve ever done anything that you are truly passionate about – you’ve gone “all in.” If you believed in something… If you wanted something… If you had to work at something… That’s what you had to do. You had to go all in.

When you first got on your board… all in. When you landed that first trick… all in. Things that come easily are usually less sweet than those that don’t. And without passion, you got nothing. It gets you out of your comfort zone. It increases your heart rate. It gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s what you dream about at night. Passion.

That’s what Adidas is all about. Everyone who has ever done anything that they were passionate about had to go all in. They had to push themselves and go further than they thought they could. Athletes. Artists. Musicians. You.

Adidas is pushing themselves too. They continuously make better and better products in their quest for perfection. They make enhancements and adjustments and innovations in materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques.

They want their customers to be their best selves possible. The Adidas brand offers apparel and footwear for every sport, every fashion, every style and everybody. They got you. They get you. Because no matter what you want to achieve or what goal you want to reach, they know that you’ve got to go “all in” to get there.