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Jon Dickson was one of the many deserving pros left with out a home when Fallen closed its doors in March of 2016. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that has happened and will continue to happen as the skateboard industry continues to evolve and change. We’re stoked to say that Jon is fortunate enough to have found a home on another great shoe brand. Last Thursday when Emerica’s Made Chapter 2 premiered to a jam-packed theater full of skateboarders in Los Angeles, the crowd was shocked to see that Jon had the first part in the video introducing him to the team. This shouldn’t be too much of a shock considering how much Jon rips, and with his new found sobriety he’s able to focus every ounce of his energy in to skating, which helped him crank out an insane part for Made Chapter 2. We caught up with Jon the day after the premiere to get his take on things.

So how much of a notice did you have to film for your part? I found out about three or four months before the deadline.

How much footage was with Miner and Bucky compared to footage with the Deathwish guys? Well, like I was saying, I only knew it was a possibility to have a part about three or four months before the deadline, so we definitely used some footage from Lewandowski - the Deathwish filmer - and the Deathwish guys but I haven’t been drinking or smoking either so I got a lot of skating done in the time that I had.

Did you get to go on any trips with the team? Not for this video. I have been on a few trips with Emerica before though, when I was living with Collin if there was an extra seat in the van they would let me jump in from time to time.

It seems like a natural fit. Did you ever get Emerica’s before you got on Fallen? Jeff Henderson from Emerica would just hook me up with shoes if I ever needed anything, but I was never riding for them or anything.

It seems like you have been skating with Figgy and Collin for as long as I remember, how did you meet those guys? I met Figgy through skating contests then I wound up meeting Collin through Figgy.

Interview with Jon Dickson

Who on the team do you skate with the most? The past couple of weeks I was going out with Miner, Jerry , and Spanky a lot. I don’t make it down to Oside as much these days but I used to live down there so that’s when I would skate with Figgy and Collin a bunch.

What shoe have you been skating? Collin’s shoe. The provider is always providing.

Is Figgy pissed? No way, he doesn’t care.

How was the premiere the other night? It was a lot of fun. It was real exciting to see everyone’s parts put together as a whole, everyone nailed it, and the video turned out great.

Who had your favorite part? Figgy’s part was out of control, but I think my favorite part was Spanky’s. He really came through with an epic part; his footage got me so pumped.

When does the video come out to the public? Sometime in October.

How did the kickflip into the CVS roof go down? It seems like there is no room for error on that one. What were the bails like? It was hectic, I hit up Miner and he was down, I also hit up Atiba but he had to be back in LA by one o’clock so I just asked if he could come down early in the morning. We all made it to the spot and I climbed up there to try to take out some screw they had knobbing the bank and security came out and gave us the boot before I even got the chance to try it. The whole "I’m calling the cops" routine. So we just drove across the street and waited for the bastard to disappear. When we went back I kicked out a few and then rode away from the first one I put down. I didn’t think it was going to happen with the whole security situation but it all worked out.

So what’s next? I left the day after the premiere for a Deathwish trip through the Midwest and then I am home for two days and leave for a Europe trip with Emerica. Just keeping it moving.

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