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Emerica is best known for Emerica Shoes, of course. But if you asked kids at a skatepark about Emerica, they’d probably be quick to talk about Emerica’s Skateboard Team, which includes legends like Andrew Reynolds, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa, and Leo Romero. Also, a topic of discussion that would come would certainly be Emerica videos like, This Is Skateboarding, Stay Gold, and Made Chapters 1 and 2.

Emerica started in 1996 after the success of sister companies, Etnies, and eS allowed for the parent company, Sole Technology Inc, to start a third shoe company. Sole Technology, Inc., a footwear company ran out of Lake Forest, California, is owned and run by Pierre André Senizergues. Sole Tech is a rare story in that it owns three shoe brands, a snowboard boot brand, Thirty Two, and a skate clothes company, Altamont Apparel. Emerica’s place within these brands is as the most raw, staying true to its motto, "by skaters, for skateboarding."

Emerica’s videos and team’s success has allowed it to branch out to apparel and accessories. Emerica T-Shirts are always going to deliver messaging and quality graphics that are consistent and current with what’s happening in skateboarding today. Other apparel that you’d see at your local skatepark from Emerica would be hats, flannels, jeans, and raglan (baseball style) t-shirts.

Because Emerica is designed and managed under the same company, Sole Tech, as Altamont Apparel, its apparel has an advantage over another shoe company who has no affiliation with apparel. For this reason, Emerica Hoodies and apparel are as trusted as its shoes. When it comes down to it, whether you’re talking about the videos, the team, or the apparel, Emerica is just plain tough.

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  • Emerica G6 Foam
    Andrew Reynolds is one of the best known skateboarders in the world - a feat he achieved through kickflipping and frontside flipping huge gaps and big drops. It’s only fitting that Emerica, Reynold’s sponsor, would develop G6 technology. G6 foam delivers high-impact protection in the heels of all of Emerica’s G6 shoes. The high-rebound foam is poured directly into the midsole of the shoe. The foam is thick in the heel where you need it most and thinner in the ball of your foot, maximizing boardfeel. The Hsu G6, Reynolds, Wino G6, and Empire G6 are some of the most popular Emerica skate shoes featuring G6 foam on CCS.com.
    Emerica G6 Foam Emerica G6 Foam
  • Collin Provost
    Collin Provost
    It’s hard to mention Emerica and not think of Andrew Reynolds, but as skateboard icons get older, they make room for the next generation of rippers. Collin Provost is one such Emerica ripper. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA Provost was in the thick of it from an early age. Southern California is where most of professional skateboarding happens, so it’s only fitting he should come up and ride for the likes of Toy Machine, Emerica, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, and Happy Hour Shades. Provost started out as a contest kid, but has grown up into a skater’s skater. His powerful, fast skating is at the core of what every skater thinks of when they think of what companies like Emerica and Toy Machine stand for.
  • Emerica Wino Shoes
    Nope, we’re not talking about your crazy aunt. We’re talking about the Emerica Wino, a shoe designed for post skate sessions of enjoying refreshments and chilling. The Wino was an instant hit. Its clean lines and comfort made it a go-to for school, work, and kicking it after sessions. It was so popular, Emerica decided to make it more durable. The Wino G6 features G6 foam, double wrapped vulcanized construction, Emerica’s “heel anchor” system, and a “tuff cuff” padded collar. Basically the Wino went from chilling on the couch to a contest winner over night. The Wino G6 is skate ready.
    Emerica Wino Shoes