CCS Pants - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Adidas Skateboarding Sr Design Manager of Apparel & Graphics, Thomas Van Do, explains the inception of the new Adidas Skateboarding Premiere Pants, which, he explains, has everything to do with the popularity of the original Adidas wind pants. Adidas has long held down the warmup pants game thanks to Run DMC, soccer players everywhere, and the general popularity of the legendary three stripes. With a reputation for having the best wind pants in the game and Adidas skateboarders like Miles Silvas, Na-Kel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, and Blondey all rocking the classic Adidas warm up pants in Away Days, it was an easy decision to release a new, more skate friendly pair of windbreaker pants. The new Premiere Pant feature knee darts for freedom of movement, elastic cuffs at the ankle for a clean look and fit, and two invisible zip pockets because you’re going to want to wear these comfortable pants everywhere.

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