New CCS Baggy Taper - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

With the triumphant return of éS to CCS, we decided to link up with resident flat ground wizard and éS pro, Tom Asta, and put him in a brand new pair of the most technologically advanced shoes that éS is making right now. Tom wasted no time putting the Thermothane toe cap on the éS Sesla to the test, doing 100 kickflips in a row. Well, he actually did 101 just to prove a point. He could probably do 300 in a row if we wanted to, but we didn’t have that much time and he did skate in the worlds largest skateboard contest like 12 hours before this, so we gave him a break. See how the Sesla’s held up to Tom’s flick and grab yourself a pair at CCS!

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