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1995 was a very good year. Not because it was the year the internet became publicly available – though that was a big deal, because you wouldn’t be reading this without it. But what’s more important is that it was the year éS Footwear was born. Before then, skaters were stuck wearing shoes that were uncomfortable, didn’t have enough action, and often left them with bruises from hard landings. The arrival of éS Skate Shoes changed everything and gave riders a shoe purpose-built for skateboarding. More than 20 years later, éS is still at the top of their game, and you can find all the best éS Shoes for sale at CCS.com.

We stock everyone’s favorite éS Skate Shoe models, from classic designs to the latest footwear. Get the most recent take on the legendary éS Accel, which was part of their original line-up and has been constantly updated ever since. The suede Accel OG has its traditional puffy style with modern tech such as STI Open Cell foam inner soles and a tough rubber outsole, while the Accel Slim has a narrower design for today’s precision techniques. Or go full modern with the éS Arc, which has a reinforced thermothane toe pad to protect against abrasions and impacts. We have all sorts of cuts, sizes, and snappy colors.

éS Skate Shoes incorporate technology such as wicking inner foam and 400 NBS vulcanized outsoles for the best board feel, flexibility and comfort on each ride. Get shoes with minimal material for better board control or a bulkier shoe for increased cushioning. Some models have a central foot wrap for a customized fit. You’ll ride like a legend in these shoes, and they work great for casual wear as well. We have free shipping on orders over $50 and no sales tax, so order two or three pairs and have options for multiple occasions. You’ll look good on your feet and get back on them faster with éS Shoes.

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