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Co-founders, friends, and legends Ken Block and Damon Way started DC Shoes in 1994 because they didn’t like what was out there. They saw a hole in the skate shoe landscape that they believed needed to be filled. Damon Way and Ken Block – rebels, athletes, and visionaries – were looking for a better high-performance skate shoe and when they couldn’t find one, they designed, made, and marketed it themselves.

They wanted to create a durable performance-based athletic shoe for skateboarders. And they did. Their friends started wearing the shoes. And their friends as well. Once DC Shoes became well-known and loved in the skate community, word spread fast.

Now many of the world’s most famous skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, BMX bikers, and motocross athletes wear DC Shoes. And many amateur athletes as well. Men, women, teens, and kids wear DC Shoes – and apparel, outerwear, accessories, boots, as well as ride their boards and snowboards. The founders of DC Shoes only wanted to build a “better” shoe. And they did. In the process they also started a movement and built a global phenomenon.