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Is life Thrasher, or is Thrasher life? While you ponder that existential question, take a look at our Thrasher hoodies and sweatshirts. Since 1981, Thrasher has been the king of skateboard journalism, and their work has had a huge effect on how skaters see themselves and how the world sees them. If you consider a good day to be hitting a random rail, moshing at a concert, or getting inspired by a new skate video, then Thrasher clothes are for you. These regular and hooded sweatshirts will send the right message to those who know skating and will be good eye candy for those who don’t.

As sizzling as life can get, the temperatures outside can sometimes drop. (Trust us – we’re in Oregon.) A Thrasher pullover hoodie will keep the heat in more ways than one. The cotton and polyester blend is ridiculously comfy while reducing shrinkage in the laundry, so it will actually still fit after a wash or two. The kangaroo front pockets are a convenient place to put your hands on cool days, and if you want to hide your face or look a little intimidating, just put on the hoodie and pull the drawstrings tight. Thrasher sweatshirts look just as good while offering a less-casual option for work and events. Get a Thrasher skate mag logo hoodie, a beloved Skate Goat hoodie, or a "Skate and Destroy" hoodie with words to live by.

Thrasher has spent more than 35 years reporting on and shaping the culture of skateboarders around the world. We’ve been reading them as long as we’ve been around, and we’re no spring chicken anymore. So keep the legacy of the Skateboarder’s Bible alive with a Thrasher hoodie or sweatshirt. We’re not saying one will help you get into any exclusive parties or inner circles – but it can’t hurt. And you’ll still get guaranteed fast shipping, a great price and the confidence of representing one of the true OGs of skateboarding. Pick out a gray, black or navy blue hoodie in multiple sizes and stayed warmed up to the skateboarding pulse.