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RAEN OPTICS started in 2009 out of a desire to create a product that was high quality, handmade, and most importantly, attainable. Our craft is to bridge the gap between high fashion and every day style. And as always it is underscored by the dynamic style of southern California where RAEN began. Each unique design begins in our studio in Oceanside, California. We start with classic style silhouettes and update them for the here and now. Our frames are then made using a custom acetate material combination which allows us to cut, color and layer according to our vision. We use Carl Zeiss lens for optimal eye protection and vision clarity. A tremendous amount of love and detail goes into each pair of RAEN. From the premium materials we use to our craftsman like approach we want you to be as proud to wear them as we are to make them.

Every time you put on a pair of RAEN you’re seeing life through our lens. In our world it’s always bright and sunny. It’s California and our trademark independent spirit. It’s fashion and adventure. It’s the Pacific Ocean and hot asphalt. Sometimes it’s quiet and sometimes it’s loud but it’s always beautiful. Here, we are in a perpetual state of motion and creativity. Inspired by the classics and handmade for today.