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Primitive Skateboards was started by pro skater Paul "P-Rod" Rodriguez, who isn’t just one of the biggest names in skateboarding today. He is one of the biggest names in skateboarding - ever. He started skating when he was 12 and got a board for Christmas. He loved to skate, immediately, and has been quoted saying that he even slept with his skateboard. After only a couple of years, he went pro. P-Rod has since won 8 medals at the X Games (so far). That’s the record – the most of anyone. He has been on every "best" list of skaters in the world that there practically is. And he’s not done yet.

Rodriguez is now also the president of Primitive Skateboarding, a skateboard and streetwear manufacturer. Primitive began as a skateboarding shop in California that sold other companies brands.

It has branched out into manufacturing Primitive Apparel and Primitive Skateboards, but at its core it's a street skate brand with a street skater – one of the best of all time – holding its reigns. The brand is known for outerwear, apparel, accessories, skateboard decks, and complete skateboards. Their logo and graphics, like their president, are bold and fearless.