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Matix Clothing was founded in 1998 by skateboarders Daewon Song and Tim Gavin. Gavin, who has since retired from skateboarding, was a popular skateboarder in the 90’s, primarily known for his skating and involvement with brands like Girl Skateboards and DVS Shoes. In the early days of the brand, it was pure skate. Its team included big names like Marc Johnson, Rodney Mullen, and JB Gillett. Like most skater owned brands, the idea for the company was hatched in a room full of friends over pizza.

Matix has seen significant growth from the little skate clothing company it was in the late 90’s. Its success as an apparel brand has allowed it to transcend skate culture and is very much part of mainstream popular culture. Matix Pants are worn by skateboarders and football players alike. Probably for this reason, Matix was acquired by Westlife Distribution in 2012, and the brand’s focus shifted from a skate brand to a more lifestyle focused clothing company. The new distributor, a technical apparel brand, resigned a few key, core team riders like Song and Johnson and moved the business to Compton, California with snowboard brand, 686 Snowboards. The benefits of this connection with 686 can be seen in Matix Jackets. 686 All Weather Technology can now be found in Matix Jackets.

Matix’s new focus on apparel driven by a California surf and skate culture aesthetic is working. With its move to Compton, Calif., Matix started to the Compton Surf Club, an initiative with the Compton community to teach new skills and help build up at risk youth’s self-esteem through surfing, skateboarding, and art. Instead of releasing feature videos, Matix opts for small parts like its Nine-to-Five Series. While the brand has shifted considerably, some things never change: Matix Flannels are some of the most stylish and comfortable in the game. Daewon Song and Marc Johnson still ride for Matix and are still steady stacking clips, and you can always count on Matix to deliver a quilted hoodie or durable pair of pants for skating.