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Started in 1985 by the board-riding Hill brothers, the earliest iteration of Globe focused on importing and distributing the best American skateboard products to Australia. Rapidly expanding in the 1990's to become one of the leading worldwide skate-specific footwear brands, many skaters know Globe for their quality shoes, World Cup contest series of the early 2000s, and their United By Fate video series. Globe continues to this day with strong aesthetic ties to both heavy duty heritage styles like the Nitrocel-airbagged CT-IV and the Tilt, while balancing that with slimmer, modern designs like Mark Appleyard's Mahalo Plus. A brand with roots this deep has developed some popular technology over the years such as the Super-V vulcanized outsole, their padded Shockbed insole, and the TPL ollie inserts for durability. From their Australian surf roots, to their current status as a staple of both the skate shoe and longboard game, Globe has got a little something for everyone.

Now, with Austyn Gillette signed-on to direct the skate division, you know the their future is bright. Also, the living legend Rodney Mullen rides for them and has more pro-models than you can shake a freestyle board at.