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Diamond Supply

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Diamond Supply Co. was founded in 1998 by Nick Tershay, better known by Nick Diamond. Diamond started as a hardware company based on the concept of selling Diamond skateboard hardware with an allen key and a wrench key. This seemingly simple idea has now grown into one of the biggest skate apparel brands in skateboarding. Diamond t-shirts and hoodies are some of its best sellers, but the skate company has not forgotten its roots.

In an interview with Hypebeast, Diamond says the drive for a hardware brand came out of a love for skateboarding and his want to build a brand where, “I [Diamond] only wanted to skate and have all of my friends skate for the same company.” Steadily the brand grew through building relationships with vendors and staying connected with customers through brand forums like Hypebeast’s. In 2005, Diamond did a collaboration with Nike that gave the brand the bump it needed. Once customers started investigating the Diamond logo that was coupled with the swoosh on the Nike SB Tiffany, they found an owner who was a seasoned sneakerhead. Diamond’s knowledge and respect for streetwear coupled with a recognizable logo have allowed the brand to go well beyond a skate clothing brand.

While Diamond hardware is constantly pushing the category to the next level, Diamond Apparel can be found in streetwear boutiques internationally. But, again, Diamond hasn't forgotten his skateboard roots and his initial goal of building a brand employing friends and family. Grizzly Griptape (owned by Diamond rider, Torey Pudwill) and Ace Trucks (owned by Nick Diamond’s brother) are both distributed by Diamond Supply Co.