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DGK Skateboards

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DGK, aka “Dirty Ghetto Kids,” is more than just a catchy name for a skateboard company. Long before the launch of the DGK brand, founder and longtime professional Stevie Williams and his friends were dubbed “dirty ghetto kids” by other skaters in their community. Williams chose to embrace the term, and has turned DGK into an international skateboard and skate apparel company, as well as a symbol of triumph for kids from less advantaged backgrounds.

DGK skateboards are easily identified by their loud, predominantly cartoonish graphics, often depicting the raw elements of urban life. DGK aims to identify the struggle experienced by young people who grow up in under-privileged communities, and the company’s skate decks and skate clothing are the tools with which this is accomplished.

Aside from DGK skateboards, the brand also has a unique line of skate clothes designed to support their central theme of turning a negative into a positive. The stylish t-shirts and hoodies printed with phrases like “For Those Who Come From Nothing”, and “Dollar and a Dream” offer fans the ability to wear the urban struggle like a badge of honor.

DGK's apparel not only looks good and performs well, but the brand also stands for something. The brand was founded on a lifestyle lived and embraced by its founders, and uses its image to encourage new generations to find positivity in unlikely places. As skateboarders we can all appreciate the drive to create something from nothing. As skateboarders, there is naturally a dirty ghetto kid in all of us.