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C1RCA Footwear and Apparel was born in San Clemente, California, and has been killing it since 1999. With the launch of its first skate shoe – Chad Muska's CM901 which the company called “the most technologically advanced skateboard shoe ever” – C1RCA’s focus was on making quality and innovative shoes and, eventually, accessories and apparel for skaters. Their products and their brand were rooted in skating but also influenced by art, music, and culture.

Since that initial Muska shoe, which was an immediate hit, C1RCA became known for creating superior crafted footwear that technologically outshines most other shoe companies.

Since its inception, C1RCA Footwear has provided quality products year after year. With superior designs for skateboarding and active lifestyles, C1RCA continues to provide the best in comfort, style, and quality.