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Street skateboarding as we know it was just coming into its adolescence when Etnies Skateboard Shoes came on the scene. Early on after being founded in 1986 by skateboarder Pierre André Senizergues, Etnies made a name for itself as being an authentic skate shoe brand largely because it was the first skater-owned and operated global shoe brand. Etnies is one of five companies under Pierre André Senizergues’ parent company, Sole Technology Inc. The other four action sports brands Sole Technology, Inc. owns and operates are éS, Emerica, Altamont Apparel, and ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots.

Unlike Emerica or éS, which are exclusively skate shoe brands, Etnies shoes also sponsors teams in BMX, and surfing. Today, Etnies can be found in shopping malls internationally in men's, women's, and kids, but initially it was a pure skate shoe brand.

The late 80’s brought on the first signs of skateboarding as we know it today. Videos like Wheels of Fire and Hokus Pokus were spreading the gospel of street skating to the masses and Etnies was there to provide shoes for kids eager to take to the streets.

As Etnies shoes and its team grew in strength and in numbers, the brand expanded into apparel. Etnies Hoodies are always a popular buy on largely because older skateboarders remember the brand pre 2000’s while a younger generation of skateboarders relate to Etnies’ new team which consists of some of some of the best skateboarders in the world such as Chris Joslin, Ryan Sheckler, and CCS team rider Ryan Lay.

For a brand that’s been around for over 30 years, it’s pretty amazing that just as many Etnies T-Shirts and pairs of shoes can be spotted at your local park today as you might’ve seen 20 years ago. Of course, in '97, there weren’t nearly as many skateparks and brands like Etnies were still fighting for skateboarding’s legitimacy... but that’s a story for another page.

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