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Zion Wright has quickly gone from a relatively unknown Floridian to winning every am contest in sight and traveling the world tearing the streets a new b-hole. Zion has the energy of a 12 year old with the talent of a seasoned pro. From transition, to massive rails to hucking down gaps, Zion does it all with a smile and there appears to be no end in sight. We got to know Zion a bit more in our holiday catalog thanks to our friends at Real Skateboards.

All Photos by Gabe Morford

Zion Wright Interview

What's your favorite food? What's the go-to food spot when you first get home from a long trip?My favorite foods… I would have to say is Pasta and Fruit. I go to this sushi spot called Sushi Zenmaru. It’s fire!

You've been traveling all over the world pretty non-stop for the past year or so. When you were growing up in Florida, did you ever think this would be your life?Honestly, I didn’t, but when I started to skate and saw that traveling was part of it I hoped I would someday.

What song is getting you fired up right now? Hold up let me look at the playlist…Oooh “I Get the Bag” by Gucci Mane. Shout out to Jake Donnelly!

What is the best place for skating that you've been so far? And since you love to eat, where had the best food? Barcelona for the skating and the food. We ate and skated at some fire spots!

How do you approach filming a video part? Do you make a list of tricks and spots you want to skate or just go on trips and wing it? I definitely go on trips and wing it, but I always have a few spots in mind too. I don’t like to plan too much out, it gets too stressful.

What were the missions like filming for "By Any Means"?They were really sick! I got to travel with the whole team, got to go to Barcy and film all over in different places. It wasn’t really stressful, just got in the van with the crew and made it happen.

Do you typically land your tricks pretty quickly or do you have to put in work for them?I’d say it's like half and half. Some will come easy and some won't.

What’s the most hectic mission you've ever gone on to get a trick? I would say the Hollywood High mission. It wasn’t that hectic, it was just stressful. Had a lot of build up to it and I was thinking about it for a while before.

Best person to sit next to in the van on a REAL trip?My nigga K-Walks!

Worst person to sit next to in the van on a REAL trip?Sitting next to Tim because he sneezes like a little baby, and Ishod cause he's always trying to catch a fade.

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