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When we heard that there was going to be a Welcome Fetish premiere in CCS pro, Ryan Lay’s hometown of Tempe, AZ, we knew we had to sneak down and surprise him. We also really wanted to see the video. The crew locked down an epic spot for the premiere in the form of a full-blown club on Mill Avenue in Tempe. In between lasers and pole dancing, the Fetish video lit up multiple screens at the venue and the entire AZ skate scene had their minds blown over and over again. Check out our flicks from the night and make sure to grab a copy of Fetish from!

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereThe entire southwest skate scene was lined up outside School of Rock to get their Fetish on. Skaters aren’t normally allowed in places like this.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereThe Lay family showed up to maintain their title of “World’s Most Supportive Skate Family”. I don’t think Leslie Lay has missed a premiere in 20 years!

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereThis is Josh Bentz with Ryan Lay. 15 years ago Ryan and Josh shared their first video part ever in “The Arizona Video”.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereJason Salilas and Matt Blevins getting nervous before the show. Jason had an INSANE part and Matt made the whole damn video… no pressure right?

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereWhen you have a licensed D.J. on your team you get to save a little money on the pre video entertainment. D.J. Aaron Goure spins the hits.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereThe whole crew was playing hype man to the evening.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereThen a 6 year old started breakdancing and we all knew we were in the right place.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereSalilas, Townley, and D Vargs in their premiere best. Daniel opted to wear a shirt under his Hosoi-esque fur coat.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereThe house was packed as the video lit up the room!

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereSince you guys weren’t there we’re trying to make this gallery an authentic premiere experience, so here is some epic skating from the team… Ryan Lay’s boardslide from our catalog cover was his curtains trick and it was UNREAL!

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereAaron Goure wildly destroyed everything in his path as usual and skated to perfect tune for him. FS Feeble.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereNora Vasconsellos came out swinging with her debut video part and showed off some great style with unique bag of tricks. BS Tail.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereRoman Pabich was born in the deep end and has every tranny trick that you wish you could do once on lock, on everything. FS Invert.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereDaniel Vargas is really going for a “Modern Day Hosoi” thing and we love it! Massive overhead airs complemented by fur coats and dangly ear rings just prove that Daniel isn’t afraid to stand out. BS Air.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereJason Salilas comes out of nowhere with power, and flow on some impossibly gnarly spots. He’s almost as smooth as he is talented. His part is one to watch over and over. Shifty Ollie.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereWill Blaty is a skatepark hero turned street superstar. Underrated doesn’t begin to describe Will and this part will have people scratching their heads in disbelief, because he’s definitely doing stuff you haven’t seen before. BS Blaster.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereRyan Townley had curtains, but we don’t have a photo of him, but just know his part was so bonkers that people were fighting over each other to buy copies of the Fetish DVD.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereAaron Goure’s parents showed up to party after seeing their son shred and spin his way to glory.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereRyan Lay’s brother Steve Lay is no stranger to School of Rock. He showed us the ropes on how to properly rage at a club of that stature.

Welcome Fetish Video PremierePyramid Country homies Kevin Braun, Jonathan Pierce, and Tyler Franz were celebrating Townley and D Vargs’ mind blowing moves.

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereUh oh… Who’s grandpa snuck in the club?

Welcome Fetish Video PremiereYou know when Gramps is getting lit, the party is out of control. Thanks to Welcome Skateboards for an epic night! You can buy a copy of the Fetish DVD at CCS! Coming soon!

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