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Volcom's ZipTech Interface allows you to zip through tree lines and play in the powder all day without freezing your fanny off.

One of the few negative aspects of a powder day is snow in your pants (and it's a big one.) Once snow comes between you and your outerwear, it’s hard to focus on how much fun you’re having surfing through untapped walls of pow.

Instead, try Volcom's patented ZipTech Jacket to Pant interface, a system that connects your jacket to your pants turning them into one all-warming, all-knowing defense system that seals out powder, slush, and water. There's a ZipTech zipper on virtually every Volcom snowboard jacket’s powder skirt that zips to a receiving track on virtually all of Volcom snowboard pants. This mind boggling simple system locks out snow and keeps heat in, so you stay all day. The system is flexible, so it doesn’t restrict movement and easy to use: connect from the left and zip to the right. Look for “Zip Tech jacket to pant interface” or "Zip Tech" in the CCS or description to mix and match your perfect ZipTech pant to Jacket interface.


Keep the snow under you and out of your pants with Volcom's Zip Tech Jacket to Pants interface.

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