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Love for major league baseball and its teams goes much deeper than just the smell of hot dogs, spilled beer, salty popcorn, and condiments of every kind. No, for most watching baseball is a casual affair - a reason to get together and drink and eat overpriced, unhealthy food. For the casual fan, teams represent the city more than they do the team itself. The Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t batting for the team, they’re batting for Los Angeles, the city, and everyone who lives there. When the San Francisco Giants score a run, steal a base, or clinch the pennant, again, it’s not for the club, it’s for everyone living in San Francisco.

Perhaps this is why selling baseball gear is so lucrative. Baseball jerseys and hats, in particular, are worn year around regardless to the Yankee's record or schedule. Add the Vans MLB Collection of shoes to that list of acceptable baseball apparel that can be worn everyday. No need to check who's pitching for the Cubs tomorrow, or even when the Cubs are playing next, wearing a pair of Vans Authentic with an allover print of your favorite team (or city) is always in style. We just got the Vans Authentic MLB Shoes in four colorways: Chicago Cubs Blue, Los Angeles Dodgers Blue, New York Yankees Navy, and San Francisco Black.

Each pair of Authentics are lo-tops with an allover print of your favorite team’s logo. So regardless if you’re a hardcore baseball fan who listens to the game on a radio headset while at the game, or the casual fan who sneaks in her own peanuts and spends most of the game trying not to drink spill your overpriced beer doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you’re going to look good doing it. The new Vans Authentic MLB Shoes are available now at Grab a pair before they’re gone.

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