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When little kids are good at skating, it’s hard to tell if that will translate into adulthood. Some kids grow into weird styles and never stop doing early grabs. Then you have kids like Tyshawn Jones. Tyshawn is the perfect example of someone who was incredible as a little kid and then overnight grew into a complete powerhouse. He’s been on a killing spree since his Away Days part and seems to constantly be doing things that no one else can even touch. He’s also built himself a nice little family of Bull Dogs and got his name on an Adidas shoe. Not bad for 18…

All Photos by Jared Sherbert

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Tyshawn Jones Interview

Tyshawn, so you got a shoe that came out with Adidas. Can you tell us a little bit about it?It's a high top superstar with croc leather, suede stripes, n my bulldog on the tongue -- aka hit fire!

How much input did you have on colorway and materials and all that? The colorway came from a bag of food I used to feed my dog who passed away. He's on the tongue. And I did some looking around and found the crocodile n thought it could be cool.

Which one of your Bulldogs is it on the tongue? It's my first one, Nico.

How many Bulldogs do you have now and what inspired you to build such a massive family of pups? I have 4 bulldogs now.

I bought one after Nico passed a few months later cause I missed having a dog and spent a lot of money on him, so I thought to myself fuck it I should just buy a female too so that way I never have to buy a dog again. And if something ever happens to these ones, I can have a look at their kids and be like wow they created that and smile. I wish my dad never neutered Nico. I woulda loved to have one of his pups. N the other 2 just came about cause they were pretty. so I bought em lol.

Do they all live with you in an apartment? Taking that many dogs out at once seems pretty crazy. Yeah, they do. I take em out two at a time cause the two girls have beef, so they have to be separated 24/7 because they fight to see who's Alpha n they wanna kill each other.

Who was your favorite wrestler growing up? Jeff hardy.

Pro wrestling and skateboarding are on pretty opposite ends of the spectrum. What do you think got you into wrestling as a kid?It being on tv, so I would watch it everyday n I liked it.

What New York Skaters did you look up to growing up?I'm not even gonna lie, I grew up watching like Herman n those guys. I never really looked up to NY skaters growing up cause I just wanted to jump down big stuff like the baker guys.

This is kind of random, but I noticed the famous watch collector Sam Fremstar shouting you out a few times on his Instagram. How do you know that dude?I don't even know him, hahaha. I just started seeing him @ing me but shit I'll be cool wit him, I want a free Rolex fosho. Or we can just be cool without the free watch cause he can give me some knowledge on what watch I should buy when I'm ready

Are you into watches? Like do you own any or are you trying to get anything specific?I own an Apple Watch because I'm not rich enough to get the watches I like haha. But yeah, I like Patek Philippe, Rolex, n Audemars Piguet.

What do you think you’d like to do one day after having a skate career?Kick my feet up at my nice house n look back n say I'm happy with what I did.

Tyshawn Jones Interview

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