CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

When you get an email from the bungholes at Toy Machine to work together on a CCS exclusive graphic with Ed Templeton, first you must ask yourself one important question: Are you a loyal pawn? If the answer is yes, which it should be then you will most likely crud in your pants, which will then inspire Ed to draw a poop themed skateboard. These are the exact steps that will come next...

Step 1: Ed will send you a crude (literally) sketch of an idea he has for the graphic and since we have all spent hundreds of hours of reading CCS on the John we really loved this concept.

Step 2: Find an old CCS cover with Ed shredding on it, and ask that he sneaks it in to the graphic somehow. For those who may not know, Ed was a CCS team rider for years back in the 90's and 2000's.

Step 3: Approve the scrolling text which will make you laugh out loud as you read it while waiting in line at the bank. In case you're lazy it says... "The CCS catalog coming in the mail is my favorite time of the month and I save up all my turd for my monthly reading slash blowout - I patiently wait to inspect all the graphics especially the epic Toy Machine ones. I love being a loyal pawn of the bloodsucking skateboard compant - the brainwashing is good for me - it simplifies my life thank you CCS + Toy!"

Step 4: When the final product arrives, immediately throw it in your closest toilet and take a marketing photo while trying to get the minimal amount of poop on the deck that you can.

Step 5: Sell 10,000,000 decks and become skateboard overlords and continue to brainwash the loyal pawns with images of poo poo and pee pee and dead rats and porn and what not. Pick up one of these limited decks in 8 or 8.25 by clicking HERE. Thank you, pawns. <3

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