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The Thrasher x Vans Collab is here, but to understand its significance, we have to think a bit. Actually, you just have to read a bit. If you want. History dictates the future, or at the very least, what we attempt to do in the here and now. And if history in skateboarding has taught us anything, it’s that staying competitive in skateboarding is incredibly difficult. You don’t have to look far to find skateboarders who were unstoppable five years ago who aren’t getting clips today. The same can be said about skateboard companies. Understanding the business of skateboarding and understanding how to run a business are two very different skill sets and could possibly be the biggest hurdle for skater owned brands. And before you go telling us that VANS isn’t skater owned, let us just point out that VANS has been in the skateboard game since the beginning, and has always there to give skateboarding a push whenever its momentum has faltered. More simply, VANS and Thrasher are two of the strongest brands in skateboarding, which would lead us to believe the Thrasher x Vans Collection is damn near unstoppable.

Thrasher has a long and storied past of supporting and covering skateboarding, and has been rewarded for its efforts with the loyalty of skateboarders worldwide. VANS puts out great shoes. It continues to push the quality of its tech without losing its credibility or Authentic style.

The Vans x Thrasher collection combines some of Thrasher’s more popular motifs, the Thrasher Magazine Flame Logo and Skategoat graphic, with some Vans favorites like its Slip-On Pro, Sk8-Hi Pro, new UltraRange Pro, Authentic Chino Pro, and its M65 Jacket. With 14 styles in multiple colorways, there’s something for every skateboarder and skate fan alike. Some standout pieces for us were the tribute to Cardiel that came in the form of the Thrasher Cardiel Long Sleeve T-shirt, the Slip-On Pro Black/Checkerboard colorway, the Authentic Chino Pros and the Vans x Thrasher M65 Jacket.

The Thrasher x Vans Collection goes live on on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

FA17_Skate_Thrasher_ElvCollection_Group4 FA17_Skate_Thrasher_ElvCollection_Group3 FA17_Skate_Thrasher_VN0A347VOTE_SlipOnPro_BlkWht_ElvPair FA17_Skate_Thrasher_VN0A347TOTF_Sk8HiPro_BlkGum_ElvPair FA17_Skate_Thrasher_VN0A3DOSOTF_URPro_BlkGum_ElvPair FA17_Skate_Thrasher_VN0A347VOJ6_SlipOnPro_Chckr_ElvPair
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