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Straye Footwear is changing the way skate shoes are sold. Unapologetic, fun, and inexpensive, Straye Skate is making good use of classic skate themes to launch a shoe brand that looks to have a bright future in skateboarding. While other shoe companies are striving to invent the next skate shoe, Straye seems to be content with perfecting the old ones. Straye took the most popular skate shoe styles and figured out how to produce them for the lowest cost. The most expensive Straye shoe, the Canvas/Suede Highland, is just $54. This brings the average cost of a Straye shoe up to $47 and some change if you’re counting the seven styles and variations listed on Straye's website as of September 2017 and their costs. Not bad considering most skate shoe brands have at least on shoe in the $90 range.

One of the bigger stories attached to Straye is Jamie Thomas’ instagram post alluding to Muska being part of Straye. While it’s hard to confirm (or imagine) Muska leaving Supra, he is listed on Straye’s Crew page. Other points of interest include Straye’s unabashed marketing and shoe designs. The company made a splash at the 2017 Agenda Skate trade show with its purple and pink bounce house castle, a fun concept promoting by the shoe’s AcidDrop insoles that encapsulates everything the brand seems to be shooting for - having fun above all else. Pink on the inside and plenty of padding in the heel to help your heels from taking a beating, Stray AcidDrop insoles are one of the key skate features hidden in Straye's party-centric styles. Bright colors, trendy prints, and heel tabs that reveal an “F” and a “U” will undoubtedly make Straye a popular mall brand, but whether or not features like its double wrapped raised foxing tape, rubber triangle tread, vulcanized construction, and AcidDrop insoles will be enough to make them a true contender in the skate world remains to be seen.

Straye Printed Skate Shoes Straye Printed Skate Shoes
Straye Black Colorway Straye Black Colorway
Straye Slip Ons Straye Slip Ons
Straye Ventura Black FU Straye Ventura Black FU
Straye Ventura White Hi AF Straye Ventura White Hi AF
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