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We like slides of every kind - water slides, slide tricks, regular slides at the park, slip and slides, baseball slides, action movie slides, etc. - but this post focuses on slide sandals in stock at CCS.

Your familiarity with slides may be intimate, casual, or unknown. Regardless of your experience with this classic and comfortable sandal style, we’re confident everyone can benefit from having a pair of slides. Deciding specifically which one is best suited to your needs is up to you.

The HUF Slide Shoe: The Huf Slide Shoes are a stylish sandal that features a printed, debossed HUF logo on the padded strap and a custom molded dual density footbed. Our Take: Comfortable HUF style, durable HUF construction.

The Adidas Adilette Slides: Perhaps the most popular slide, or at least the most experienced slide in the game (this design was first released in 1972). The Adidas Adilette Slides feature a simple, durable construction with a quick-dry lining contoured footbed that’s just as comfortable when you get out of the pool as they are jumping the fence to get in. Our Take: Classic Adidas heritage style, variety of colors, durable af.

The Nike SB Benassi Solarsoft Slide Sandal: This is not the sandal all your jock friends in high school wore with white socks and basketball shorts. The Nike SB Benassi Solarsoft Slide Sandal is the updated version of an old standard. Designed with a one-piece upper with jersey lining for added comfort and a textured footbed, the Nike SB Benassi Solarsoft Slide Sandal is one of the most comfortable slides we’ve worn. Our Take: Comfortable af

The The Hundreds X FILA Drifter Slides: The Hundreds teamed up with FILA to offer a pair of slides that keep in line with the Hundreds design aesthetic, growing up in California in the 90’s, and pay tribute to the AAPI (Asian-American Pacific Islander) youth culture that helped popularize this sandal style and the car tuning culture. If you had the pleasure of chilling in Southern California in the 90’s, you’d know that car tuning culture went well beyond what was portrayed in the Fast and Furious movies. The Hundreds X FILA Drifter Slides were designed after the street racers who were swapping motors, shaving every ounce of weight from their cars, and racing until sunrise on the streets of Southern California in the 90’s. Our Take: Niche Southern California 90’s Fila Style

Raised By Wolves Fuck Off Slides: The Raised By Wolves Fuck Off Slides aren’t for the faint of heart. It takes a certain amount of gusto to wear anything that announces to the world that you have no interest in making friends, at least for the moment. And that’s fine. Odds are, when you reach for a pair of slides, you’re either going to be hung over, chilling with your friends, partying, or running errands - none of which require you to be on your best behavior. Our Take: On days where you just want to say fuck it, say fuck you instead

We think slides are a must have for anyone looking for something comfortable to wear after a long day of skating, or anyone looking for a comfortable sandal to wear while you’re hungover, tired, blazed, bored, feeling lazy, hungry, lost in a grocery store somewhere, or half asleep in school, and sincerely hope all this babbling about slides has given you a better idea of our slide collection at CCS. Our Take: Slides are easier to put on than regular shoes.

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