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When planning your next summer get away, we recommend doing what Ripndip did. Find an epic waterpark in the middle of Waco Texas where are practically no rules, rent it out for a day, invite some rap legends (spanning a couple generations) and invite 10,000 of your closest friends (free of charge). You will be sure to have as good of a time as we did at the Ripndip River float! Check our photos and stories from the day.

The first thing we saw when we showed up to the water park was a line of Ripndip fans that went all the way from Waco to Austin.
Yup. I think we're in the right spot.
The S.W.A.G. situation was out of control... You get a coozie! You get a coozie! You get a coozie!
Holy shit, they spared no expense when it came to massive inflatable shit!

As we were saying...
Tubes as far as the eye can see! The first 3,000 people got them for free.
Like this guy!
This guy took three...
Good afternoon, Nermal.
Early birds young and old got to the slides before the lines packed out.
Influencers were everywhere!
The floaters were starting to fill up America's largest man made lazy river.
Wow. That escalated quickly...
Before you knew it human soup was in full swing!
There were even critters hangin out in the river!
Meanwhile, the slides were heating up.
Everyone stayed safe thanks to these Nermal vests.
Well, YEEEE FUCKIN HAW there bud!
The tubes also acted as a forcefield to surround all your free shit.
Then the DJ's got everyone fired up for something...
It was some sort of rump shaking contest!
Cheers to that, brother!
But, then there was drama! This kook got booted for being disrespectful during the contest.
This guy saw the whole thing...
Then it was time for music!
The fans, were REAL hyped for...
These punk rawk Crocs! jk, it was...
Gravy won the crowd over with his flamingo diving antics.
After Gravy's set there was just enough time to make a piss run before...
The man himself, The People's Champ, Paul Mother Fucking WALL!
People went nuts for the home town hero!
He threw it down for the good people of Texas and just like that the party was over.
Time to find your bro's and pack up the cooler.
Thank you to Ripndip and Texas for having us! It was a blast!
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