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If you haven’t caught the last couple video pieces we’ve dropped from super-filmer Chris Varcadipane, then you may not know that we’re sponsoring his full length video, “Dusted” coming out this summer. Chris has been stacking footage with Ben Raybourn, Mike Davis, Dustin Brown and a handful of other homies to blow our minds come premiere night. As we all know, in the editing process a lot of rad clips end up getting left out of the video, unless you want a skate video that’s on some 3 hour, Lord of the Rings shit. Luckily for us Chris is sending all the extras straight to us! It’s also lucky for us that Chris knows how to follow film all these transition skaters. In this edit he proves that he can make his way around a bowl just as well as the boys he’s pointing the camera at and captures some epic lines. Stay tuned for more info on his full length coming soon!

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