CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

The benefits of having a proper set of Pro-Tec knee pads are well established. The ability to knee slide out of your bailed vert tricks can give you greater confidence to push your boundaries, help establish proper form on the ramp, and assist in the long-term retention of having knee caps so you can, you know, continue to have knees.

For many skaters, the real concern with knee pads is how it will affect mobility and performance when not sliding down the big transitions.

With this in mind, CCS Brand Director Matt Price puts a new twist on the the classic 100 Kickflips chestnut to do a little scientific real world analysis. He took the Pro-Tec Pro Knee Pads to the streets (er- skatepark) so you can witness how they perform under the intense pressures of Matt's mighty stomp. Will they elevate or hinder the flicks and what will be the resulting wear and tear... on Price's knees? Check the video above to find out.

Check out the entire line of Pro-Tec gear available at, including the signature Pro Knee Pads from 2021 X Games gold medalist Sky Brown, Gonz's Full-Cut Helmet, or for the little ones just starting on the skateboard, the affordable knee-elbow-wrist combo pack.

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