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BIG PrimitiveWith the temperatures rising and spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about t-shirts, windbreakers, and shorts. Primitive’s Spring 2017 line features inspired looks that naturally translate from breezy spring skate sessions to long summer days filled with skating, chilling by the pool, and partying all night. Primitive makes skate clothes for skateboarders, but, just like skateboarding, Primitive isn't one-dimensional. Primitive’s ability to integrate a multitude of cultures, communities, and aesthetics into a cohesive line season after season is one of the biggest factors to its popularity and appeal to so many different types of skaters. Some highlights from the spring line include the Primitive Dirty P Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Primitive Creped Warm-Up Pullover Jacket, and the Primitive Down-Bottom Hoodie. PA117205-GHTR-M-1.1488552977 PA117102-MID-M-1.1488571264For those of us who don’t live somewhere where it’s 72 degrees year round, one of the best parts of spring and summer is skating in a t-shirt. Some standouts tees from Primitives Spring Collection include the Primitive Nice Tee! T-Shirt, Primitive Legs T-Shirt, and the Primitive Koned T-Shirt. PAPSP1700-BANA-S-1.1488574900 PAPSP1701-BLK-M-1.1488564143 PAPSP1707-PBLU-S-1.1488582417 You can always count on Primitive to deliver the goods regardless of where you live and what you’re into - they have something for everyone. Check out our complete inventory of Primitive gear here.
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