The CCS Tour Backpack - The Return of a Classic

Sausage Skateboards aren’t tightly wrapped links of mystery meat encased in intestines. No, they’re a badass skateboard company out of Seattle, Washington. They make quality skate goods that include items such as the Sausage Praying Finger Box T-Shirt, the popular Sausage Palm Cuffs T-Shirt, the Sausage Boobies Square Tail Skateboard Deck, and the Sausage F.T.W. Strapback Hat. Their FTW attitude blended with quality craftsmanship and rad board shapes speak for themselves.

Sausage has been quietly building a band of loyal followers and a formidable team of skateboarders and artists since 2010. We’re stoked to be carrying Sausage Skateboards and are looking forward to see what they send us next.

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