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Since we last kickflipped in Cons with CCS & Converse Pro Louie Lopez a couple years ago, his signature shoe has become a pillar of their already heavy skate shoe lineup. Then, earlier this year, Converse kicked it up a bit, literally, by introducing the Louie Lopez Mid. With Louie now officially a part of the CCS Team, we thought the time was right to evaluate the durability of his namesake Mid with a 100 Kickflips wear test. 

Join Louie, fisheye filmer Ryan Lee, CCS’ Matt Price, and Hashbrown the dog as we ride the frequently fetid streets of Los Angeles to analyze the downtown kickflip durability. Just make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Louie Lopez Converse

Get a pair of these Midtop masterpieces in a variety of colorways (or stick with the classic LL Lows) on In fact, check out everything Louie is riding.

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