CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

The future looks light. Minimalist is always going to be in fashion. There will always be a place for a durable plain white t-shirt, some clean sneakers, or a simple pair of black jeans. Durability and quality are never far behind when minimalist is in the driver seat. Because, what’s a great shirt if it only looks great before you wash it? Garbage, that's what.

People Footwear has taken the idea of simple done great to the next level. Its entry silhouettes are a handful of classic styles made with lightweight materials. The Phillips Knit and the Stanley Knit are good examples of this fact: they’re recognizable shoe designs with digitally knit uppers and People’s Skylite™ EVA outsole, both of which make the shoe incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

We’re excited to be have People on CCS and look forward to seeing what styles they come out with next. People Footwear are now live on

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