CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

Spacious. Roomy. Rugged. Durable.

CCS has been there with you through styles thick and thin. So when skate pants began to trend wide-ward, you just knew we'd be equipped to bring you the best and the baggiest. Whether you are looking for some casual surf-style loungers, 90s throwback denim, or you're just sick of being crowded by your cords, CCS has got the goods to keep you in the trouser-vanguard. And with our reasonable prices, you'll be needing that pocket room for all that cash you're saving.

The new crop of CCS pants are made for modern skateboarding, but are comfortable for all activities. You can be on board or in repose, either way you be looking tight in the loosest pants around.

CCS Twill Easy Fit Pants

CCS Rider Chandler Burton in the Duck Brown Twill Easy Fit Pants.
CCS and Welcome Pro Ryan Lay in the Slate Blue Twill Easy Fit Pants.
Chandler in the Navy Pinstripe Easy Fits.
A closer look at those pinstripes.
Chandler again in the Off White Easy Fits.
At least we think that's Chandler.

CCS Corduroy Easy Fit Pants

Ryan goes along for the ride as his Brown Corduroy Easy Fit Pants execute a front blunt. Did we mention how these pants immediate improve your skating?
Chandler's Green Easy Fit Cords take in the view.

CCS Original Relaxed Denim

CCS and Santa Cruz rider Aiden Caruth in Overdyed Black Original Relaxed Denim.
Chandler in the Rinsed Blue Original Relaxed Denim.
We made him sit for these photos. He normally doesn't stop skating for more than a few seconds.
Aiden having a session snack in the Overdyed Brown Original Relaxed Denim.
We're not saying Aiden was way ahead of the curve on this baggy pants thing, but we're also not not saying that.
Air Aiden.

CCS Original Relaxed Corduroys

Or, if you're a traditional zipper-fly-and-belt-loops kind of person, check the popular CCS Original Relaxed Corduroys. Available in Black...
and Green...
and Brown.

You can check out all the colors and styles over on

If you aren't feeling the baggy vibes, not to worry. CCS has still got your legs covered with stupendous Standard Plus Denim and Chinos, and even Slim Fits if you're really thinking outside the baggy box.
What kind of pants should CCS make next? Let us know on the CCS Instagram.

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