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Ever wonder where you’d wind up if you quit college to work as a shoe designer for Vans? For Brandon Brubaker, that road took him through the gambit of athletic sportswear and skate brands, and eventually led to starting his own shoe brand with his brother, Josh Brubaker. The brothers started Clear Weather with the intention of getting away from having to compromise on shoe designs. Clear Weather established itself in the lifestyle shoe industry before getting back to its skateboarding roots in 2017.

"Suede Where You Need It" is Clear Weather’s motto, and for good reason. The three Clear Weather skate shoes all feature comfortable, breathable canvas uppers that feature an almond shaped suede cap in the high wear area of the shoe. This is probably the most significant aspect of their shoes, and it’s no gimmick. We went ahead and wear tested the Clear Weather Donny, which I’m literally looking at right now. Our brand manager is standing next to me in the wear tested Donny’s, which he kickflipped in 100 times, and they look great. The suede looks untouched. If the Donny, Jeffrey, and Walter are any sign of what’s to come from these two brothers, Clear Weather is a skate shoe brand to look at for.

clearweather2 clearweather5 clearweather
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