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Most everyone would consider growing up without growing old a win. And that’s exactly the foundation Benny Gold, a San Francisco based designer, built his streetwear and apparel brand, Benny Gold, on - "Growing up without growing old." Gold, the designer, is and has always been dedicated to pursuing his passions with a DIY work ethic, which has everything to do with why I’m writing this post right now.


All the creativity and diligence in the world isn’t going to help get a brand off the ground if it doesn’t have a solid idea or identity behind it. For Benny Gold Apparel, that identity/idea came from a simple sticker inspired by the classic phrase Stay Gold. Stay Gold makes me think of the book The Outsiders, which in turn can be traced back to the Robert Frost poem Ponyboy recites to Johnny Cade. More simply, the phrase “Stay Gold” has been around for a bit, but companies like Emerica and Benny Gold are able to breathe new life into it because people are inspired by and relate to it. For Gold, Stay Gold inspired the original glider graphic (the paper airplane logo), which is more or less the identity for the brand.


This logo was originally a sticker Gold made and was putting up around San Francisco when he realized the sticker and the phrase were something he could build a brand around. For him, “gold” is the experiences we cherish and hold dear inside of us. When starting Benny Gold, it was the belief that those experiences are “what shape us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young” that he used as guidelines to help shape the brand. This philosophy and foundation has evolved in combination with the paper plane graphic into: ever young, always moving. This idea has helped the brand partner with artists, brands, and grow into an international line carried all over the world and has a flagship store and studio in San Francisco. Benny Gold makes t-shirts, cut and sew shirts and fleece, pants, outerwear, socks, and accessories.

For all these reasons and many more, we’re proud to carry Benny Gold on Checkout what we have in stock on the Benny Gold brand page.

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