CCS Pants - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

For every electric filled, boozy night you spend in the club or out on the town, should, in theory, be balanced out by a day spent in the country soaking up the sun fishing at idealistic creek somewhere. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. But with the help from the fine folks over at Antler & Woods, you can get some stylish threads that would work for both.

Antler & Woods is a new brand to CCS out of Brooklyn, NY that takes inspiration from not just the streets and culture of Brooklyn, but the surrounding country and changing seasons. A&W (yup, we just put that together too) brings everything the state of New York has to offer into its design of t-shirts, fleece, shirts, shoes, pants, bags, accessories.

Things like the chill that comes across your body letting you know that summer is over, and how curry, coffee, and grilled cheese and tomato soup taste better when it’s cold out are all at the heart of the brand. Mix that with today’s classic cuts and styles is what Antler & Woods is bringing to the table. And by table, we mean CCS. And by CCS we mean peep the collection here.

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