New CCS Baggy Taper - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Welcome to another CCS warehouse rampage with Kevin The Kreator and his special guest and friend Alex Foy, the OJ Wheel Brand Manager. In this episode of Kev’s Kreations follow these two ragamuffins on a quest to kreate the cutest complete in existence! Watch as they cultivate the Cute Cruiser from the CCS warehouse then proceed the barge the bowels of Burnside Skatepark to battle the never ending war between cute and HESH! After the soggy sesh at Burnside, the boys decided to change up their OJ Wheels and hit the streets! In the process the Cute Cruiser took on its street name: The Sexy Slasher. After the boys crushed some curbs and slashed some slappies the boys called it quits on this cute day. Tune in to find out how the board handled and don’t forget you can win this board if you just suggest a name in the comments on Youtube. Get kreative and good luck!

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