CCS Baggy Taper Denim | Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Since we spend all day in this giant warehouse full of skate products, we get a little curious from time to time and just want to see how much weird shit we can put together. Our social media master (and multiple time 100 kickflip alumni), Kevin is always itching to build something wild. He has all these insane ideas for completes in his head and since one of the best things about CCS is our ability fully customize complete boards, we figured we would show you guys just how out of control things can get. In the first (of many) installment of Kev’s Creations, he matched a brutal Creature shape with two very different Indy trucks and some spherical OJ’s. The cherry on top was the evil grip job he painstakingly took an hour to do. See what kind of evil lurks in the inaugural episode of Kev’s Creations. Then leave a comment below to tell us what you would name this rig and we will pick our favorite name to win this exact board in all its shredded glory! Customize your own board now!
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