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The 2017/18 K2 Bottle Rocket took part in Snowboarder Magazine’s Blackboard Experiment - the Pepsi Challenge for Snowboards. For those of you who are too young for that reference, that just means the boards’ graphics and logos were blacked out, so the rider, Aussie Olympic/X-Games gold-medal-toting ripper, Scotty James, wouldn’t know what he was riding.

With all the boards blacked out, Scotty was free to ride and rate each board without prejudice. The testing grounds were at Mammoth in what looked like Spring conditions. After riding nine boards and judging them based off how they performed jibbing, carving, on jumps, and in pipe/transition, the K2 walked away with a combined score of 30.5, the highest of the bunch.

The Bottle Rocket racked up points in the Jib and carve category, as it's a soft board that pressed easy and allowed for powerful yet playful carving. Check out everything Scotty had to say about the board here.

We’re big fans of the Bottle Rocket as well. Specifically, we like its use of what K2 is calling Volume Shift™ Technology, which is an essentially fancy way of saying the waist is wider and the tip and tail have been flattened out. This combination allows K2 shave 3-5 cm off the board’s standard length. The BR’s shape boasts just enough rise in the tip and tail to provide a soft, buttery feel in and out of the park as well as an Ollie Bar that helps give this reverse cambered board the same, strong pop a cambered board does.

The winner of Snowboard Magazine’s Blackboard Experiment, the K2 Bottle Rocket, is live on CCS. Check out all of k2’s Boards, Bindings, and Boots here.

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