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For our Winter 17 collection, CCS reached out to some of our favorite artists to collaborate on skateboard decks. The collection consists of graphics by artists we’ve been working with earlier in the year but we are also introducing a new artist to join the family, the one and only Jamie Liam Humphrey. Jamie is a painter from London who first caught our eye with his ongoing collaboration with skate influenced leisurewear brand, Copson. From his artistic beginnings, he’s shown a strong aesthetic with pastel colors that create dreamy landscapes that mimic the nostalgic memories they are inspired by. We chatted with Jamie about skating, his work, and UK slang over email to get to know him a little better. The two decks featuring Jamie’s paintings, the No Enemy Deck and the Treat Me Like A Don Deck, are available at now.

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Jamie Liam Humphrey Interview

Where are you right now? Currently, on the sofa with my feet up.

When did you start painting? I started painting when I was around 18. A good mate of mine took me to an exhibition out in Barcelona and it opened up a whole new world.

What inspires your paintings? I think the main inspirations for my paintings are pretty much everyday life. I paint a lot from memories and try to recreate that nostalgia feeling you get across in my work. Whether that be from football matches, at the pub, with mates or skateboarding it all comes into my practice.

Making abstract art it’s not always clear what you are looking at, do you like the idea of having scenes in your work that aren’t necessarily obvious? Yeah totally mate! My paintings rarely look obvious but that's not entirely intentional. My paintings have a lot to do with feelings and senses and I guess that stems from the idea of trying to recreate nostalgic memories.

The colors you use have a strong aesthetic, how would you describe the color palette you use if they’ve never seen your work before? Like colors you could eat pal! Tasty and delicious! Colors that give you a sense of warmth and would hopefully Brighten up the shittest of days.

How did your design collaboration with Copson come about? I met Maria who does Copson out skating a few years ago and we got chatting. We started bouncing ideas together and the rest was history!

How long have you been skating and what first attracted you to skating? I've been skating for about 17 years now and I got into when visiting family in Ireland, my cousin and his mates were doing it and I was instantly hooked.

Where is your favorite place to skate?Gasworks in Harrogate RIP

How has skating influenced your art?It's given me a different outlook on everyday life and with skating you’re constantly improvising and using your surroundings and I would say that comes across in my paintings. It may not look like it but I know it's there amongst the shapes and forms.

What music is usually playing in your studio?At the moment it’s Lord Finesse, AZ and Bahamadia.

Do you have any good English slang you can teach us? I feel like UK slang is on a whole other level. Do you know what a brew is? Or have you ever had a pack of chuddy?

What’s next for you? Gonna be working towards an exhibition in the near future so that's the real goal right now and to keep pushing painting.

Where can people find out more about you? The website's currently under construction so keep your eyes peeled but for now my Instagram is probably the best way of keeping up to date with what I do, so go on and give us a like and a follow. Cheers ta'ra!

Jamie Liam Humphrey Interview

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