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Asking Ishod Wair to only pick 5 of his favorite flat ground tricks is almost a sin considering how many he can actually do, but these catalog pages are small and we didn’t have room for a top 500. Quickly learn 35 things you may or may not already know about Real’s legendary east coast powerhouse in this edition of Top 5’s!

Ishod Wair's Top 5

Top 5 Flat Ground TricksTre flip, kickflip, nollie flip, switch heel and switch flip.

Top 5 Handrail Tricks Back 50, front board, front feeble, back smith and front lip.

Top 5 Transition TricksBS air, FS air, BS ollie, FS ollie and back tail slides.

Top 5 CarsBMW M1, BMW Z8, Ferrari F40, Ferrari Testerosa and Porsche Singer.

Top 5 Cheesesteak SpotsIshkabibbles in Philly and Boos in CA - the only 2 that matter.

Top 5 Skate CitiesBarcelona, CPH, New York, Berlin and Paris.

Top 5 Philly SkatersStevie Williams, Josh Kalis, Bam, Tom Asta and Chris Cole.

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